Make Up

Make Up

Like many teenagers, I couldn’t wait for the chance to wear make up. The day that it came for me was at the age of fifteen right before my big fifteens party. Putting it on made me feel important, older, and special. Of course it was only to be worn when going out not for everyday use but still it was an important time for me. It meant finally doing something adults were allowed to do. However, putting on make up meant taking out the foundation, powder, blush, and everything else necessary. The foundation was my least favorite part because it felt icky against my skin like it was some mask. As for the eye shadows, they always made me look like some clown. Yet it was allowed and every woman wore it so I had to do the same.

By the time I was eighteen, wearing make up only on special occasions became a habit for me. The little bag of supplies became unnecessary to have around. It was always hiding somewhere that couldn’t be remembered. While my friends were busy putting on the full face, I was losing interest in having to go through all those steps just to look good. Putting on make up was more of a task rather than a joy. Usually when the bag was taken out my thought was “again?” So as I kept getting older, the less make up became important to me.

Then when the new trend became not to wear base, I reconsidered the application all over again. Doing some research helped so that the new idea of no base could be tried. Following that was using less eye shadow and blush. I was wearing make up more but still not every day. There was something about the process that did not feel comfortable for me but going along with the trends, I continued to try the process. Wearing make up was something everyone was doing so why was it so difficult for me? It didn’t make sense to me why I couldn’t get used to something that women did every morning before going to work. It wasn’t supposed to be hard to put on make up.

Yet the more I tried, the less the task felt appealing. Wearing make up became more of a chore instead of fun. Taking out that bag no matter what the trend was did not appeal to me. Little by little I realized it wasn’t about the trend, task, or the make up. I just did not like make up. The more that reality sunk in the more I stopped using the products. However, I couldn’t stop buying so there was this grand collection but no one using the products. There were brands like Smashbox, Bare Escentuals, Laura Geller, Maybelline, and Elizabeth Arden plus many others. Yet most of them were untouched or unopened waiting for that special event or night to wear them.

Finally, I came to a realization that having all those products weren’t necessary. If going out meant wearing make up then all that was necessary were the basics – primer, foundation (the new kind), mascara, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick. Even eyeshadow wasn’t worn any more unless it was a light color. My products were all good quality and light natural colors. I had learned to tone down the look since the eighties so that when wearing make up my face didn’t look like I had put on a mask. Yet one problem remained, it still wasn’t something that was enjoyed.

So I decided to try something – go out to a nice event without wearing make up. You know what happened? No one realized I had nothing on my face. There were no comments “put on a little something.” No one seemed to notice or want to say anything. It felt great. No make up girl was definitely me. At the age of forty five, I had realized that the products weren’t necessary. If I was going to wear make up it had to be because I wanted not due to “oh it’s what society says I should do when I go out.”

To tell you the truth I feel great. It’s not even the feeling of “oh I’m being looked at as the woman without anything on.” I feel comfortable not wearing any make up. My eyes don’t tear up because of mascara now. My skin doesn’t feel different. The process of applying the make up before getting dressed isn’t necessary, which means it takes less time to get ready. I like . . .no I love my new trend. No make up, no problem. Yet the best part is I’m not doing it to impress anyone. It’s just something that I don’t like to do. So any make up that’s left – well it’s going to sit there until I can give it to my nieces because this girl likes it . . .no loves it make up free.